Date: January 23, 2004
Subject: Professors' Public Praise

Almost immediately after posting the entire text of the letter of support from history, economics, and geography professors, it became the most popular page on my web site, even more popular than the home page or this blog. Until now, the home page and this blog have always been the most popular pages on the site. I am not sure how everyone found this page, but welcome everyone! Yesterday the letter was linked to from two blogs from "The Northern Alliance," Fraters Libertas and SCSU Scholars. The latter blog also linked to the second letter, from professors outside the social sciences.

By the numbers:

Number of history, economics, and geography professors who signed the letter of support: 24
Number of professors outside the social sciences who signed the letter of support: 26
Number of U of M history professors who signed the letter opposing the social studies standards: 32

Today Sen. Steve Kelley (DFL-Hopkins) holds his hearings on the science and social studies standards. Details later; as of morning rush hour, the highways that criss-cross the Twin Cities are creepin' and beepin' under a light snow, so just getting the Capitol in time will be interesting. I have posted the science minority report on the web site, in case you missed it. Science standards writing committee member Dave Eaton will be presenting it to Sen. Kelley this morning. (There is no minority report for the social studies standards.)