Date: March 17, 2004
Subject: As seen on TV (well, in the PiPress anyway)

My web site was mentioned in John Welsh's article today, "Web sites praise and pillory Yecke," which the AP also picked up. I was not interviewed for the article. Had John called me, I would have pointed out two details (which I e-mailed to him):

The article says: "Organizers of dueling Web sites on the issue say they might not be
able to vouch for each of the 4,000 electronic signatures on their online petitions..." This is not the case for my petition, because full verifiable street addresses are being collected along with every signature online and on hardcopy forms.

John also missed a third online petition at http://www.truthineducation.net/, created by Pat Igo of Minneapolis, who ran for state Senate as a Republican against incumbent John Marty in 1996.

But I give John points for featuring two web petitions supporting Yecke, and for citing your favorite ed reform web site along with its URL!