Date: April 30, 2004
Subject: DFL undermining our children

Originally published in the Pioneer Press, April 30, 2004, letters to the editor

For 30 years, I have given time, money and votes to the DFL — but no more. By playing politics in opposing education commissioner Cheri Yecke, the party undermines our children. As Minnesotans, we need our students to gain sound, core knowledge in all academic areas. We don't need them bogged down in pointless Profile projects, like carving sculptures for a European history class, classifying movies and dogs for a high school science class or using board games and pop movies to do research for a high school history course (to cite just a few examples I've seen).

We also need to restore programs that nurture our brightest students. Too often these future contributors are discouraged and neglected. Many flee to private schools, charter schools or home schools. In my district, about 40 percent now choose these alternatives. Remember the slogan, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste?" If our legislators really believed that, they would vote to confirm Yecke. She understands why our state is no longer up to par. She can work with great teachers to restore excellence… if the DFL lets her.

Mendota Heights