Date: May 3, 2004
Subject: Getting things done

From The Education Gadfly, a weekly bulletin of news and analysis from the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, April 29, 2004:
In Minnesota, a state Senate committee voted yesterday along party lines to reject the nomination of Cheri Yecke to be state superintendent. Her apparent sin? Being too “controversial,” which is code for getting useful things done. And get things done she has, including dumping the state’s atrocious Profile of Learning standards and shepherding a crackerjack set of social studies standards into being. Though Governor Tim Pawlenty has promised a vigorous fight before the full Senate, state Democrats seem determined to deprive the people of Minnesota of the services of a nationally recognized middle school and gifted education expert, experienced policy maker, and passionate advocate for reform. If they succeed, the loss will be not just theirs but that of every student in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.