Date: September 1, 2004
Subject: Here's pie in your face

In a debate, leftys tend to hide from the facts behind shaky ideological arguments presented as self-evident truths. When they run out of those, they hurl bitter invective. When they run out of that, they throw a pie in your face.

Sen. Michele Bachmann's office informed me that all 40 copies of the letter from the "class of 2004" arrived in a single envelope, with no signatures and no return address or any other identifying information.

When you visit the State Fair, be sure to take a gander at a piece of ? believe it or not ? political crop art (or just gawk at the photo at the Power Line blog) featuring images of the Republican Senator from Stillwater and Anita Bryant in a "Right Wing Pie Fling." So much for the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

The anonymous letter purportedly from the Stillwater Area High School class of 2004 doesn't signal a political sea change in the east metro. Authentic? Maybe. A "statement?" OK. Political dialog? No, just another pie in the face from stage left.