Politically incorrect

Craig Westover, a new columnist over at the PiPress, is a breath of fresh air on the Minnesota ed reform scene. Check out his blog coverage of the recent Minnesota Public Radio forum on the so-called education gap:

The MPR meeting was a "town hall" meeting in the same sense that putting both presidential candidates on the same stage is a "debate."
There is no polite way to say it -- there simply was no educational leadership present on the Penumbra Theatre stage last night.
This is the second time I've seen Commissioner Seagren speak, and both times I sensed she was working harder at not being former Commissioner Yecke than she was at setting any kind of an education agenda.
Westover's acute insights and political incorrectness on education issues, coming from a Twin Cities daily newspaper columnist, are surprising and welcome (Education Minnesota and the education elites are probably not so happy with his views). Add his blog to your list to check on a regular basis -- he's on Scholar's blogroll. Now if Cheri Yecke would start an edu-blog, then we'd really have a party.