A road by any other name

While the Taxpayers League is trying to generate interest in renaming Highway 55 for Ronald Reagan instead of Gov. Floyd B. Olson, I am still trying to figure out how Constitution Avenue got renamed "Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard." Maybe it's because the Pioneer Press doesn't offer home delivery where I live, but this Saint Paul street is the address of the historic Minnesota State Capitol, so one would think that there would have been more debate about honoring a basic document of our country and state vs. honoring a non-native son, albeit a prominent one. I guess what happens in Saint Paul stays in Saint Paul. Why don't we just sell our Constitution to Iraq? It's a great document, and we're not using it anymore.

(This is a preview of my annual rant about how certain school districts are calling the holiday on February 21 "Founders' Day" rather than "Presidents' Day," which continues the trend that began with the informal but now pervasive consolidation of Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday into Presidents' Day. "Founders" of what? Stay tuned.)