School choice? You decide.

I don't care what they have to say
It makes no difference anyway
Whatever it is, I'm against it!
No matter what it is
Or who commenced it
I'm against it!

Your proposition may be good
But let's have one thing understood:
Whatever it is, I'm against it!
And even when you've changed it or condensed it
I'm against it!

Groucho MarxIn the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, hats off to MinnBEST, penned by Minneapolis teacher Michael Boucher, for alerting its readers to a comprehensive source of information about school choice. Not that MinnBEST is in favor of school choice. Our favorite gadfly is against just about everything we support, not unlike Groucho Marx's professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff in the movie Horse Feathers.

The Florida State University School Choice Center is using federal grant money to promote and inform the public about school choice, sort of like the National Science Foundation grants that promote integrated math. MinnBEST accuses the FSU of spreading "misinformation," so rather than telling you what to think, I have provided a link in the right-hand column of this blog for you to decide (look for the heading "Four Non-Blogs").