Yecke for Congress

Yecke for Congress campaign sign. Photo: MNEdReformNews

Family, friends, press, and Republican party animals crowded into the American Legion on Main Street in Anoka this afternoon to hear Cheri Yecke announce her candidacy for the Minnesota Sixth Congressional District.

Photo: MNEdReformNews

I was there, as was a fellow member of the Academic Standards Committee for social studies, a former EdWatch staffer, TPT reporter and Almanac host Eric Eskola, several other press, and about a hundred of Yecke's family and close friends, from inside and outside the Sixth.

Bill Walsh, Cheri Yecke. Photo: MNEdReformNews

Minnesota Department of Education spokesman Bill Walsh showed up to wish his old boss well. And Yecke premiered her new look (a Congressional coiffure!).

Yecke stated during the press conference that education would be an emphasis of hers if elected, and that the No Child Left Behind law needs further "tweaking." Fellow Republican state Sen. Michele Bachmann would certainly be less friendly to NCLB. Yecke pointed out that she is the only candidate for the Sixth District with Washington experience, from her stint in the G. W. Bush administration.

This isn't a political blog per se, but I will say that I count both Yecke and Bachmann as friends, and I have great respect for state Rep. Phil Krinke, also in the race. This sentiment was shared by others at today's event. I hope that the party faithful and the candidates will emerge from the endorsement campaigns having waged a battle of ideas, rather than something uglier. It would be a pity to see these fine public servants (and good individuals) damaged by an internecine fight. Obviously there is an endorsement to be won, and contrasts will have to be made. But as Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment says: "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican."

Now, bring on the Democrats.

UPDATE: Mitch documents the continuing hate speech against conservatives over at City Pages.