Integrated math wake-up call

My commentary "Is integrated math right for your child?" is waking up some parents in the Wayzata school district. It has been published in the Plymouth Sun Sailor, e-mailed to EdWatch members, and mentioned on some of the Northern Alliance blogs. I think it will also get a link in the The Education Wonks "Carnival of Education" roundup next week.

Meanwhile, back in the western suburbs, parents are beginning to voice their concerns to Wayzata district officials and school board members. Some are also checking out the math programs in the neighboring Robbinsdale and Minnetonka districts, which offer traditional math instruction in their high schools. And Veritas Academy promises Saxon Math in a new (no tuition) public charter school.

Parents who want to know more about the "math wars" should visit Mathematically Correct for further info on integrated math, the educators who love it, and the concerns of parents and mathematicians. If you just found out about integrated math, don't take my word for it, do your due dilligence and ask questions. What's more important than your child's education?