The clutches of the marketplace

I am glad that the folks at the U, alumni, and the community have apparently placed Minnesota Football on its way back to the East Bank campus. But some are raising eyebrows at the major role being played by a private company.

On the one hand, the Star Tribune editorial board says that "Minnesota owes thanks to TCF Chairman Bill Cooper for jump-starting the stadium effort with his company's $35 million pledge."

On the other hand, it bemoans the unattainability of a utopian ideal Saturday afternoon college football game, unsoiled by the free markets that built, for example, the Star Tribune:

"But, as with nearly every aspect of modern life, the ideal must slide over to make room for commercial reality. College football is an immensely popular enterprise, and nothing popular can nowadays escape the clutches of the marketplace."

It's tough for some to acknowledge that anything good could come from the "clutches" of free markets, entrepreneurs like Bill Cooper, and capitalism -- even for those who rely on the same to put bread on their tables.