Vertias Academy update

Mark Keller, director of Veritas Academy, a public high school with a private school curriculum, sent me this update on his school, which he hopes to build into "one of the finest college preparatory academies in the Midwest:"

  • Building - The building project has moved ahead on two fronts: First, a nonprofit group dedicated to Veritas is very close to closing on the building that we will lease at the corner of I-394 and I-494 in Minnetonka. Second, the zoning permit is now entered into the system for review and decision.

  • Staffing - We are in the process of hiring staff and are excited by the energy and competency of the people that we have interviewed. Janet Oliver has started working on the curriculum and is in the process of reviewing textbooks and other resources.

  • Student Registrations - As of May 11 we have 38 students, we need to more than double this number in the near future. I am asking for your help in developing new ways to get the word out that a free "classical" education college prep school will be available to all students.

  • Sports and activities - We are moving ahead with lifelong sports: tennis, golf, downhill skiing and track/cross-country. Further, I have heard that there are some students coming to Veritas who may be interested in a lacrosse team. Would you please email me at veritasadmin@hotmail.com with the activities that you would like to see?

All the best to Keller, the board, the staff, and growing faculty and student body at Veritas Academy as they work toward their first day of classes this fall. As Scholar says, In Scientia Libertas, In Knowledge, Liberty.

For more on Veritas Academy: "Birth of a charter school," February 17, 2005. Also visit the Veritas Academy web site for a schedule of parent information meetings, how to apply, and more.