Final omnibus education bill text

The final text of the education omnibus bill is here. Read along with Scholar! It isn't quite as lively as the latest Harry Potter book, but it will have a more profound effect on its readers in Minnesota in the next biennium. Watch this blog for more.

Craig Westover's analysis of Q-Comp, "as amended," here. Unfortunately for performance pay advocates, Craig's post is called, "'Q-Comp' is not education reform." :-(
In other words this legislation is not education reform. It doesn't do away with steps and lanes, it is "revenue" for districts on top of funding formula revenue. It doesn't take the teacher's union out of the equation, it actually strengthens its position, especially in charter schools. It doesn't demand a link between meaningful student achievement -- i.e. standardized test scores. It's little more than an additional $78 million in education funding; if one looks at the effort required to apply for this money, one realizes its an awful lot of somebody's time that is not going into working on something that will actually help kids.