Stupid in America

Stupid in America: How U.S. Public Schools are Failing Kids is the latest report from our favorite network news reporter, John Stossel.

From the ABC News web site:
There are many factors that contribute to failure in school. A major factor, Stossel finds, is the government's monopoly over the school system. Parents don't get to choose where to send their children. In other countries, choice brings competition, and competition improves performance.

Stossel questions government officials, union leaders, parents and students and learns some surprising things about what's happening in U.S. schools. He also examines how the educational system can be improved upon and reports on innovative programs across the country.

"Stupid In America: How We Cheat Our Kids" with John Stossel airs Jan. 13, at 10 p.m. EST, except in the Twin Cities, where it airs on Jan. 14 at 12:35 a.m. (that's after midnight tonight, not tomorrow afternoon), KSTP-TV Channel 5, because of the Minnesota Timberwolves broadcast. Set your VCRs.

It's well worth noting that Minnesota is a national leader in school choice, with charter schools (they were invented here), open enrollment (students are free to enroll outside their district; 30,000 Minnesota students did so in 2004-05), online learning, homeschools, post-secondary enrollment options (PSEO), and more. Stossel should visit Minnesota for a follow-up (but look for Minnesotan Pam von Gorhen in tonight's report).

Hat tip to Craig Westover, Mr. School Choice.