Coming to Minnesota: universal mental health screening?

The Minnesota Legislature is considering universal mental health screening for all kids at least once by age three ("all" means "all").

Mental health screening is subjective and inaccurate in children. Diagnoses very often reflect simple behavioral issues or "politically incorrect" attitudes and values. Powerful medications with serious side effects are almost always used as the treatment. Using drugs to control behavior is dangerous and wrong, especially when study after study has shown these drugs to be ineffective and dangerous. Prescriptions for psychotropic drugs for children have increased by 300% in ten years!

You can learn more about this issue at an evening sponsored by EdWatch, "The Dangers of Universal Mental Health Screening Legislation in Minnesota," 6:30 p.m., Thursday, March 2, 2006 at the Green Mill Restaurant in Plymouth. The speaker will be Dr. Karen Effrem, M.D.

Reservations are due Monday, February 27. The cost is $25, which includes dinner. For further information, contact EdWatch, (952) 361-4931.