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Check out Norman Draper's fairly balanced article in the Star Tribune on International Baccalaureate, or IB. IB is a controversy coming to a school district near you. Just ask the folks at Minnetonka, who are emerging from a battle royale over IB (they adopted it in addition to Advanced Placement or AP), which may have been partially to blame for the resignation of one school board member.

Is IB anti-American or internationally-aware? Fuzzy touchy-feely or as one high school senior in Draper's article put it, "To me, AP is such a quantitative class...I think IB makes the conscious effort to go beyond the scholarship approach." Needlessly expensive or sound investment?

I am working on a longer post or possible newspaper op-ed piece in response to a local column that basically equated IB and AP as twin sons of different mothers. That may be a convenient shorthand for busy parents, but au contraire, mon frère, they are not the same.