Value of early childhood education challenged

The effectiveness of early childhood education is taken as an article of faith by groups like Ready4K and proponents of more and bigger taxpayer-funded government programs.

At a July 18 early childhood education luncheon, The Center of the American Experiment will challenge this assumption in a big way, with questions like:

  • Isn't it true that advocates rely excessively on a few small and idiosyncratic studies when arguing the merits of early childhood education?

  • Given the enormous increase in the proportion of boys and girls in early childhood programs over the last four decades, why haven't they performed better in K-12?

  • What makes anyone think such programs can significantly reduce achievement gaps between white and minority kids when they haven't so far?

  • What makes anyone think exceptional programs can be replicated on a mass scale?

  • In sum, aren't the benefits of early childhood education programs routinely overstated?
To register, contact Peter Zeller at (612) 338-3605, or go to the Center's web site to register online.