Merry Christmas from Scholar the Owl

Thanks to all of you who read Scholar's Notebook now and then, subscribe to our RSS feed, or just find us by entering "integrated math" into Google. I have gone from continual blogging during the Profile of Learning repeal battle with my friends at EdWatch (who are still doing yeoman's work for freedom, by the way), to joining Cheri Pierson Yecke in the academic standards battle, to raising awareness about integrated math. Now other projects and raising teenage children has taken more of my time, but I am no less committed to knowledge-based curricula and local control of education than I was on day 1.

Through it all, I have learned a lot from many of you smart, good people who are so selflessly dedicated to preserving this country's founding principles of freedom. You are the bedrock of our nation.

Although my posts have been infrequent, I will continue to blog at this location until further notice, as well as on "my other blog," North Star Liberty, and operate my old Minnesota Education Reform News web site. Keep the faith, have yourself a merry little Christmas, and have a happy 2008.

Matt Abe, a.k.a., Scholar the Owl