House Ed Finance bill nixes Q Comp, Truth-In-Taxation meetings

In an e-mail to constitutents, Rep. Sarah Anderson (R-Plymouth) alerts us to a few troubling provisions in the House Omnibus K-12 Education Finance bill (HF2):
  • Cuts education funding $1.9 million (14 percent) when shifts and one-time federal aid are excluded. According to Anderson, all revenue sources considered, this bill is $185 million less than the Governor's plan. So far, so good!

  • Enacts a historic funding shift of 27 percent, thus delaying when schools get paid. Gyrations like this really play havoc with districts' financial operations. Just imagine if your employer tried this with your paycheck, or if your business payables got stretched out to 90 or 120 days. How would you like it?

  • Repeals Q Comp program that rewards teachers based on performance. Repealing this popular and successful program is a bad idea!

  • Eliminates Truth-in-Taxation public hearing requirement for property tax increases. Just what we don't need, less transparency in government.

  • Imposes $5 billion school funding proposal in 2014 with no identified source of funding. Well, this seems to be the trend in government spending these days!
The bill and its Senate companion (SF1328) are currently in conference committee.