Minnesota math standards to be reviewed

This week, Minnesota Education Commissioner Alice Seagren announced that applications are now being accepted for the Minnesota Math Standards Revision Committee. The new committee will begin the process of analyzing and recommending changes to Minnesota's current math standards.

"Minnesota took a big step forward when we eliminated the Profile of Learning and replaced it with more rigorous standards," Commissioner Seagren said in a press release. "Now, we invite Minnesotans to help us further improve upon those standards in order to better prepare our students for a more competitive global environment."

The revision committee will revise the math standards to align with the knowledge and skills needed for college readiness and advanced work. The standards must also be revised to align with a new law, proposed by Governor Pawlenty and passed by the Legislature, requiring Algebra I by 8th grade and Algebra II to graduate from high school. Technology and information literacy standards must be embedded into the standards as well.

Individuals can apply for the standards revision committee at www.education.state.mn.us/StandardsCommittee. Applications must be submitted by September 29. The committee will hold its first meeting on October 11. The Department of Education is encouraging a diverse cross-section of Minnesotans, including educators, parents and representatives from higher education and business, to apply for the revision committee.