EdWatch education conference

From our friends at EdWatch:

A national education conference addressing what's dangerous about the International Baccalaureate curriculum, why universal preschool is a bad idea, and how mental health screening for all is being incorporated into education outcomes will be held Friday evening, October 13th, and Saturday, Saturday, October 14th until 4:00 p.m at the Embassy Suites Airport Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Radio talk show host Jason Lewis will be the guest speaker at the opening banquet on Friday night, to discuss state and local politics today. Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America will be the Saturday luncheon speaker on how universal mental health screening is becoming a real threat to 2nd amendment rights.

EdWatch is a national education-focused, grassroots non-profit organization that is challenging federally funded textbooks and curriculum that undermines America's founding principles. International Baccalaureate is being adopted in schools in every state, and few lawmakers or citizens are aware of its dangers. EdWatch is also challenging the right of state and federal governments to universally screen K-12 students, preschoolers, infants and adults for mental health.

According to Karen R. Effrem, MD, "Universal mental health screening is controversial for its vague, subjective, unscientific labeling, and for its common referrals for dangerous and ineffective psychotropic drugs."

"Federal funding and policies are driving the creation of systems in every state that will screen all citizens for mental health, beginning at birth," Effrem continued. "Pharmaceutical industry influences are playing a key role in planning these state systems, and teh drug industry has a financial self interest in mental health screening. It is experiencing huge profits as a result of increased mental health screeing policies, and this is only the beginning." Dr. Effrem will also be presenting at the EdWatch conference.

Carol White, who heads the group African Americans Concerned Together in north Minneapolis, will describe the role of the university community in using minorities as guinea pigs for mental health research. She will describe the battle of north side parents to protect their children from unwanted mental health research and from addressing issues of crime, drugs and low performance as mental health issues.

Student discounts as well as continuing education credits for Minnesota teachers will be available. Call EdWatch at 952-361-4931 or register on-line at edwatch.org.